Could your 4-legged best friend benefit from Pawsiotherapy Physio & Rehab?

Physical rehabilitation can help optimize the physical potential & quality of life of your 4-legged family member.

  • Maintain quality of life through the aging process
  • Optimize physical function with disability
  • Return to sport or work
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Pain control
  • Weight management
  • Prophylactic injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation after a trauma or injury
  • Enhance high level performance


Physio Services


°Manual Therapy

°Therapeutic Exercise




  • Full chart review & Veterinarian consult for activity clearance
  • Thorough assessment of posture, gait, movement quality, range of motion, specific anatomical tests, reflexes & joint function
  • Evidence based, client centred, physical ailment & goal specific treatment
  • Individually prescribed home treatment program


60 minutes




  • Brief re-assessment
  • Scientifically based, client centred, physical ailment & goal specific physio treatment
  • Individually prescribed home treatment program for you to work on with your pup between sessions


30 minutes


Now also offering Canine Massage

  • Hands on relaxation or activation massage
  • Manual stretching
  • Loosen stiff joints and soften tight muscles
  • Calm anxiety


30 minutes


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Is your best friend slowing down? Have you noticed your elderly companion struggling with things they didn't used to? Getting thicker through the waist line, but can't tolerate those long walks any longer?

Come check out our Exercise Class for Seniors to help your stiff best bud stay supple and healthy through the golden years.

  • Be able to recognize and manage pain in your pet
  • Maintain mobility, stretch and lubricate stiff joints
  • Learn safe, age appropriate exercise

4 x 45 Minute Classes


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