Not sure if your dog could benefit from Physio?

What is Canine Physio?

Physiotherapists are movement experts and can help improve mobility, prevent or recover from an injury, manage pain and optimize performance. Pawsiotherapy's canine rehab therapists are fully licensed human Physiotherapists who've completed additional training to apply their skills and techniques to a canine model. This includes manual therapy like joint mobilizations and manipulations, massage, and muscle energy techniques. As well as prescription of therapeutic exercise and home treatment programs to help maintain treatment effects and benefits between appointments. We may even use TENS, muscle stim, or different taping techniques as a part of your dogs treatment. If your looking to help loosen up your old friend's stiff joints, or hoping to optimize your Super Dog's performance, Physio can help!

Low mood, sleeping more, shaking, avoiding activities?

These are signs your dog might be in pain. Physio can help manage pain through the use of manual therapy, modalities, and therapeutic exercise.

We can teach you what makes your pup more sore, what helps, and how to avoid aggravating their pain.

Sports injury? Disc herniation? Surgery, oh my!

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from sports injuries, need surgery, or even herniate a disc. Physiotherapy can help prevent injury through 'prehabilitation', can help optimize surgical outcomes pre and post surgery, and even conservatively manage musculoskeletal and neurological injuries as a surgical alternative in some cases. Rehab guided by a rehab therapist can help maximize recovery potential and increase speed of return to activity.


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